Kallis Filoxeniaki Projects

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    Philoxenist - Great Host

    We develop a model to evaluate guest public reviews to define great hosts traits, both individual and corporate.
    (Ref: Servisionar Standard)

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    Bravo.one, recognition & reward

    Bravo.One is a philosophy, methodology and the tool (online platform) to implement and maintain staff recognition and rewarding system. (Ref.: Bravo.one)

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    This recognition tool showcases and rewards best practices of sustainable best practices, achievements and ideas.

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    Showcase, recognize and reward peoples ideas, proposals and problem solutions. (Ref. IdeasBravo

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About Us

KALLIS FILOXENIAKI LTD (FILOXENIAKI, P4) is a small private company of occupational education in the field of tourism, hospitality and service industry in general.

FILOXENIAKI is accredited by the national HR development authority as a VET centre with qualified trainers who are eligible to develop and implement continuous learning programs, HR development programs, leadership, hospitality and performance program, recognition and reward programs.

FILOXENIAKI’s portfolio of clients includes most of the local tourism and hospitality companies. They are also members in national institutions, member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, advisor on district hotel association and advisor to municipal authorities.


Philoxenist, Great Hosts as defined by guests

This methodology defines and showcases the traits that impact guest satisfaction and delight.

Methodology consists of:
(a) Searching all public social media, using a diagnostic tool.
(b) Systemized analysis of guests comments
(c) Evaluate corporate and indicidual philoxenist framework.

Projects under process:

Great Philoxenists of Cyprus as published in facebook account.

Analysis of best hotels in Cyprus based on latest 100 guests reviews. (cut off day Nov.21). Results available.

More About Philoxenist


A unique methodology to spotlight the traits and the people who define guests opinion about what matters to them in guests experience.

So what is Philoxenist

A systematic approach to define the traits of great hosts.

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Further (Cont.) Education

We support you to improve hospitality and service culture.
Our engagement consists of:
(a) Kick-Start diagnostic reseasrch.
(b) Seminar and Manual Documentation
(c) Follow Up / Feed back

Subzidized by HRDA Cyprus

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your hospitality culture!

Visionary solutions are needed to compete in a highly demanding environment. Service companies can benefit from ‘Servisionar’, a methodology based on Customer Engagement and Staff Engagement.

What services we provide:

‘Philoxenist’ ” How to delight Guests.
It contains 7 traits (categories) of Staff Engagement, Hospitality, Service, Performance and guest Experience.
An online showcase and rewarding tool. to share best practices and reward best practisers.
Versions: Staffbravo, Clubbravo, Sustainbravo, NGO’s Bravo etc.
Edutainment – Visionary Leadership Seminars

Our Vision



Our vision is to set the framework to improve hospitality.

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Our Mission



Our mission is to synergize creatively with you in materializing successfully great hosts and hospitality Standards.

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