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    Solution 1: How to apply 'servisionar' dual engagement standard

    A methodology to setup an Engagement Standard in both Staff Engagement and Customer Engagement (Ref: Servisionar Standard)

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    Solution 2: How to apply 'staffbravo', the recognition & reward system

    A philosophy, methodology and the tool (online platform) to implement and maintain your own staff recognition and rewarding system. (Ref.:

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    Solution 3: How to apply 'corporate bravo', a showcase of business best practices

    Based on staffbravo, this tool showcases and rewards best practices of successful companies, who share their success ‘recipes’

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    Project: How to apply our Signature Brand Plan

    A concept (A to Z) of seven areas and 21 indicators, all together building a concept to establish and maintain Brand Uniqueness, Staff Engagement & Customer Engagement.

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polys kallis

About Us

The company:
Servisionar is a company that provides signature products in hr management and service mark.
Solution 1: Servisionar engagement standard.
Solution 2: Staffbravo recognition standard.
Solution 3: Corporate Bravo standard

The person behind it:
Polys Kallis is Managing Director and founder of both brand names

he is Swiss educated, pasionate and visionary professional, currently active in his own signature business.

Experience & Achievements:
Long successful career in Hotel Management,
Chairman of Cyprus Hotel Manager’s Association (2008-2014),
Chairman (and Founder) of Cypria Filoxenia, a non-profit hospitality rewarding institution.


Corporate Engagement Standard

(your) visionary Fundamentals + Customer Engagement, as part of service mark + Staff Engagement, part of employer branding

This methodology can substantially increase the impact of both staff and customer engagement.

So, what is the Methodology
(a) Start by defining your visionary fundamentals
(b) Systemize and epitomize both your Customer Engagement (part of Service Mark) and
(c) Staff Engagement (part of Employer Branding).

Here are some projects under process:

‘F.I.R.S.T. in Satisfying You
Staff Engagement model adopted for a chain of hotels in Cyprus

‘S.M.I.L.E. & Delight’
Staff Engagement Model adopted for ADAMS BEACH HOTEL, Ayia Napa

‘Be our service S.T.A.R. adopted for a service company in Cyprus

Many more branded concepts available.

More About Servisionar


A unique methodology to holistically brand your internal identity.

So what is holistic Engagement

A visionary differentiation made of staff engagement and customer engagement (loyalty). (Polys Kallis)

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Engaging Educative Actions

Our model of engagement supports companies to improve business outcome by improving both internal and external culture.

Our educative engagement, for example, consists of three steps:
(a) Pre-engagement assessment
(b) Seminar and Documentation
(c) Post-engagement and Follow Up

All covered fully and completely by the subzidization of the HRDA

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your Business

Your business need visionary solutions to compete in todays’ highly demanding environment.
Companies within service sector can benefit from a methodology (‘Servisionar’), based on best practices in Customer Engagement and Staff Engagement.

‘Servisionar Engagement Model’ differentiates, systematizes and epitomizes (Your) Customer Experience and Staff Engagement.

What services we provide:

‘Servisionar’ Engagement Standard.
(Full version). In addition to your other business plans and quality systems. Contains Staff Engagement Standard, as well as Customer Engagement Standard.
‘Servisionar’ Staff Engagement (Part Version)
A staff engagement standard as part of Employer Branding or / and any sophisticated HR management.
An online staff recognition & reward system, a solution to showcase your best employees, your best practices and your best ideas.
‘Corporate Bravo’
An online showcase and rewarding tool. Share your best practices with one another.
Edutainment – Visionary Service and Leadership Seminars

Our Vision



Our vision is to be recognized as the leading Recognition and Engagement provider.

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Our Mission



Our mission is to synergize creatively with you in materializing successfully holistic Engagement & Rewarding Standards.

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