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    How to apply a Holistic Branding

    (SERVISIONAR METHODOLOGY) Setup a customer service mark and an employee engagement brand.

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    How to apply a Recognition & Reward System

    (STAFFBRAVO CONCEPT) How to establish and maintain an (own) recognition and rewarding system.
    (Owners of

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    How to apply a Hospitality Concept

    (FILOXEN ROADPLAN) How to establish and maintain a Hospitality and Service Roadmap based on Customer Experience Management

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    How to apply the 7 Differentiator Business Concept

    (SERVISIONAR SEVEN DIFFERENTIATORS) Using our own Concept, we establish and maintain your Brand Uniqueness, Staff Engagement & Customer Engagement

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polys kallis

Polys Kallis

Polys Kallis is a Managing Director /Senior Trainer of

Swiss educated, visionary professional,currently being active in his own concept, called SERVISIONAR (Meaning Visionary Service). This concept deals with Visionary Differentiation, Employer Branding and Customer Service Mark.

Experience & Achievements:
Long successful career in Hotel Management,
Chairman of Cyprus Hotel Manager’s Association (2008-2014).


Servisionar, a Holistic Business Branding Approach

‘Servisionar’: Visionary Fundamentals + SERVICE MARK + EMPLOYER BRANDING

Our methodology can substantially increase the impact of your internal and external brand values of your company.

So, what is our philosophy?
(a) Starting by defining your visionary fundamentals,
(b) There-after by systemizing and epitomizing both Customer Engagement (Service Mark) and
(c) Staff Engagement (Employer Branding).

Here are same projects under process:

‘F.I.R.S.T. in Satisfying You‘ adopted for TSOKKOS HOTELS & RESORTS

‘S.M.I.L.E. & Delight’ adopted for ADAMS BEACH HOTEL, Ayia Napa

‘Be our service S.T.A.R. adopted for Lordos Beach Hotel

Concepts available and can be considered:

‘H.A.P.P.Y. to serve You’
‘P.R.I.M.E. Service for prime Customers’
M.A.G.I.C. Experiences
Number O.N.E. in serving You

More About Servisionar


A unique methodology to holistically brand your internal identity.

So what is holistic branding

A methodology containing visionary differentiation, employer branding and customer service mark. (Polys Kallis)

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Visionary Seminars

Our seminars aim to improve both attitude finesse and service culture. We intend to turn employees into “priceless human capital”.

We achieve this through our engagement before, during and post seminar.

In house Education is not only just giving seminars, but is also by advising people and accompanying them during implementation.

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your Business

We project visionary business plans, branding and seminars in the hospitality and the service sector. We apply our own methodology (‘Servisionar’) based on best practices in Customer Service and Staff Engagement.

We are turning corporate brands into visionary branding concepts, achieving both high customer satisfaction and staff engagement.

The patent pending ‘Servisionar Best-Practice-Methodology’ differentiates, systematizes and epitomizes Your Customer Experience and Staff Engagement.

What services we provide:

‘Servisionar’ Business Plan.
In addition to your conventional Business Plan

‘Servisionar Branding’
A holistic branding system to epitomize Staff Engagement and Service Mark

A Staff Recognition & Reward System

‘Filoxen’ – A 120-Points Hospitality Roadmap based on Customer Experience Management

Edutainment – Visionary Service and Leadership Seminars

Our Vision



Our vision is to be recognized as the leading brand servifyiers in hospitality and tourism.

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Our Mission



Our mission is to synergize creatively in materializing successfully holistic branding. For this we servify visionary brands by tailor making our patent pending ‘Servisionar - best practice methodology’.

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